09 December 2004

~~ Simply The Best ~~     (Better Than All The Rest)

      A friend in an email recently wrote: "You do the best godawful puns of anyone I know...." **sniff, sniff** It's enough to make a groan man cry....    I'd like to thank the Academy....

      (To all those of you that, after reading the title of this entry, imagined Doctor J strutting about on a giant overlit stage like Tina Turner on a caffeine freak, this blog is truly, truly sorry.   Especially about the legs and the very low-riding one-piece.)

      (Okay, it's not in the least sorry. This blog will thoroughly savour your unmitigated agony as each and everyone of you tries to scour that image from your now permanently-injured brains.      Just be glad I didn't quote from "Private Dancer....")

      See, I can do godawful imagery, too....

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