03 December 2004

~~ Get A Little Bit.... ~~ (Don't Be Shy)

      Reading David Edelstein's positively creepy review of Closer in Slate today, it occurred to me that the film is really just a modernized version of Henry James' The Golden Bowl, except probably without Jamesian nuance and with Natalie Portman, fresh out of day care, in a G-string. "I love it when big stars talk dirty," Edelstein smarms, an admission perhaps more indicative about Edelstein than the film itself. Frankly, it reminds me of the introduction to this review, and makes me wonder if, somewhere on Skywalker ranch, George Lucas is having a conniption fit-- or a woody of Endor-like proportions. **shudder**

      UPDATE: Rick Groen, in his review of the film for the Grope and Flail, describes the film as "a tombstone to love." In that case, I may have to see it after all....

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