23 December 2004

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Something-Or-Other

      Sorry-- not much in the way of updates of late, which is okay since everyone around here, RK excluded, seems to have gone quiet. Errands a-plenty, and my little visitor has, with the fall of a snowstorm warning last night, made herself right at home; I even espied her earlier this morning drinking from the toilet bowl in a position best described as "acrobatic." All shoveling activities have now been redirected from blog writing to snow removal, and there's the inevitable crash of incidences that must happen before That Day sets in. Will perhaps update sometime later this afternoon or this evening.

      Oddity, moderately worthy of note: in a short email, I wound up signing it by my Christian name-- just my Christian name, not my full name, or the main two components of it-- for the first time Gawd only knows how long. My Name Escapes Me, indeed.

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