07 December 2004

The Second Coming

Munch's The Scream      As we all know, evil things never go completely away (c.f., a recent election in a country to remain nameless). They always lurk like tax audits at the outer edge of our ken, waiting to leap upon us when we least expect them. With that, it's only fair to warn you: it's coming, it's coming again, one more cruel time, The Literature Exam From Hell. And this time, it is pissed. Oh, man, is it pissed. So pissed, it's leaping out in its second edition two months ahead of time just to ruin your holidays. (It is from Hell, after all.)   So, brace yourselves, and pay no mind whatsoever to the sound of pitchforks being sharpened in the distance.

      Those of you considering prepping yourself might want to check out last year's exam-- and the answers put forth by those other denizens of Hell, the Not-So-Good Doctor and RK.   And remember, those that think they can escape the exam by merely running away from it-- know that you face a much worse fate should you dare not to answer: yes, a hundred-thousand lifetimes of living with Liza Minelli, listening to Celine Dion, and watching endless reruns of Reba. The horror, the horror.... (But what price salvation, indeed!)

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