03 December 2004

The Searchers

      One of the interesting things about devices like Site Meter is that, besides learning what bizarre search terms bring people to your little hole in the web, one also learns where one places according to certain search terms on key engines. It has recently come to this blog's attention-deficit-disorder that by entering the search term "j words" (innocuous enough, and sufficiently vague to call up all manner of sites), this blog comes up:

  • 2nd on Google, with quotes -- out of 10,400
  • 3rd on Google, without-- out of 35,100,000
  • 1st on MSN, without quotes -- out of 2,854,920
  • and 1st on Yahoo, without quotes -- out of 13,800,000
Who knew? (It also stuns me to see how many keep searching for J-words.) And check this out, the term "Doctor J" brings this blog up 10th on Google, 3rd on Yahoo, and 2nd on MSN. Take that, Julius Irving! Oh, this internet thing.... Ironically, a more specific search on my own name is faaaaaaaaaaaar less propitious. So, that's it. Doctor J is now larger than I am. Go figure. I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille....

      (Okay, no, I'm not, but you should be thanking your lucky stars for my aversion to cameras-- if you aren't already. Cameras. Doctor J. A marriage made in fact in Milton's miserable Hell.)

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