15 December 2004

Most Isn't Good Enough, We Have To Have It All! Wenh!

      Don't even get this blog started....    (Something in me says this has to be unconstitutional.)    Suffice it to say, this blog's had it with the Holier and the Healthier Than Thou, all of whom frankly need to have those nasty Iowa-sized cucumbers removed from their recta. I'm reminded that the Taliban told the people of Afghanistan they were doing what was best for the country, too. (And I guess all of my bar-owner friends that paid out the big cash to redesign their places to accommodate recent municipal by-law changes will now have wasted their money doing so, just so they can lose all their customers, too.) This isn't health legislation: this is ludicrous, sickening Puritanism at its worst. Gee, who would ever have thought that Dalton McSquinty and his cadre of intellectual kumquats would manage to be both pious and fiscally-irresponsible? Not this blog....  

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