16 December 2004

The Fuller Brush Girl

      Far be it from this blog to invoke reality TV -- beyond mocking it, or noting with typically rakish leering the attributes of a particular female contestant-- but Tuesday night's Amazing Race was truly one for the record books, the first time I know of in which audiences were treated to (prepare yourself for girlish glee!) out-and-out domestic abuse. The perpetrator? The genuinely psychotic Jonathan, who wailed on his wife (former Playboy playmate and onetime Whose Line Is It, Anyway? prop Victoria Fuller) in a manner so virulently rabid you'd think she'd Bobbitized him right there in the streets of Berlin. Check out TVGasm's report on the episode here, where you can also see in QuickTime format a display of hostility so intense that, had Victoria been a child, she'd have been escorted away from that bastard by Child Services without even a second's thought, doubt or appeal. All those previous hotheads you've seen on reality TV? They're Hugh Grant compared to this guy, who, in my estimation, should have been disqualified right there and then. Make sure you note the details that precipitated this galling little scene: a reace for second place, in which she's doing all the work. Paging Doctor Freud....

      (See also Maura's take on things at One Ping Only, from whence this blog takes the TVGasm link-- and which curiously places this site directly below TVG on its side panel. Irony, irony!       And, as for the title of this entry, yes, this blog is remarkly adept at recalling utterly irrelevant trivia.)

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