13 December 2004

All That Bijjibajjazza

      Well, our four first, and almost certainly last, sets of answers are in for the Literature Exam From Hell, and after a bit of tangling and finagling with HTML and all that bijjibajjazza, they're ready for perusal -- by those of you that fled like COWARDS from the task and are now condemned to that future involving Liza, Celine and Reba.  

      By the way, bijjibajjazza: a new word, fresh from the Gates of Hell. It's been issued to replace the exceptionally annoying yadda yadda yadda, a phrase for which Seinfeld has permanently been saved a special place in Lucifer's rotten, sulphurous pits.

      And so, with all due dispatch, here they are, the answers from Cbeck, the Not-So-Good Doctor, RG, and RK. Feel free to discuss, assess, bijjibajjazza, as you wish. This blog should note that none of the respondents dared to write the life of Tom Jones-- probably for fear of having to write a tome anywhere near the length of Clarissa. Lucifer's not worried about that; refusing to write something of that length, well, let's just say it's not unusual.

      As for the respondents: this blog extends its thanks, and assures that at least three of them have now been issued pardons from Hell for their efforts. (They're in the mail. Promise.) This blog won't say who has been denied one, but let it simply say that that incorrigible bastard knew that answering a few questions, let alone proctoring the damned exam, wasn't going to help him anyway.     

NOTE: RG's exam answers have been temporarily removed upon her request. I'll reinstate the link when she deems best. Apologies for any inconveniences.

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