10 December 2004

Hamburger Hill

      The Guardian sent a dozen of pop music's sacred cows through the critical abattoir last week, and some of the patties are surprisingly delicious: Neil Young is "a reminder of the drearier things of life"; Elvis is knocked as "the first Rick Astley or Gareth Gates"; Nirvana is "heavy metal without the consolation of Spandex and hairspray"; and Mick Jagger is "a hideous, tulip-mouthed cadaver with nothing interesting to say, and the most grating voice this side of Sybil Fawlty." And people say I'm harsh.... The ever-so venerated Beatles are, however, served tartare: "Between their toe-curling rhyming couplets, tax-dodging, horseshit 'spirituality' and Octopus's Garden, the Beatles embody everything wrong with the 60s in general and hippies in particular." Sometimes I love being an omnivore. Moo.

      UPDATE: Feeling like venison instead? Here ya go....

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