16 May 2004

A Rare Interesting Blog, And A Solipsistic Aside

      Plain and simple: I like this chap's blog, and not just because it is in large part about poetry and poetics (of which, this post had me chuckling in concord). The blog itself strikes me as well-designed and well-written, and generally quite thoughtful, though it seems that-- like this blog-- it tends unfortunately to elicit silence when topics are most literary. I must also confess that this chap's blog is more urbane than my own, and certainly more carefully edited. Particularly with the new changes to Blogger, it's all too easy to miss typos and dropped-words and the like, though I confess that my je-ne-donne-pas-une-merde attitude is probably not helping matters, either.

      I sometimes think this blog should be more disciplined, more focussed, and more strictly literary. Then again, my readership here would be almost non-existent. It's true, though, that this blog, like its creator, can no more deny its naughtier and goofier dimensions than it can its loftier and occasionally didactic ones. This blog, also like its creator, will always be a little disheveled, a little rough around the edges. For some reason beyond my immediate explanation, that doesn't bother me in the least. I'll chalk it up to necessary roughness and leave it at that. I'd rather not be Hal, promising to throw his loose behaviour off. The world becomes little more than grey when we banish plump Jack and what he represents. A health then, my friends, to ribaldry and silliness and the spirit of indulgence. A health, too, my friends, to all those minions of the moonlight for whom misbehaviour is a mandate. Cheers.

      (And, yes, I'm fully aware I may be paying lip-service to my own self-determined tradition. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it. So there. )

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