11 September 2003

Just Wait For It...

I'm not sure whether this story is horrifying, or hysterically funny-- and it sounds like it could have been a Monty Python sketch:
Man dies at his own wake

Doctors in Argentina say a 94-year-old man died at his own wake.

They say Carlos Gonzales Valencia was wrongly certified dead at a clinic in Ramos Majia.

His daughter, a nurse, noticed he still had a pulse after his 'body' was taken home for his wake.

But by the time emergency services arrived, Mr Valencia had died for real, reports Terra Noticias Populares.

An emergency doctor said: "This man died while at his own wake. He was seen by a doctor and the funeral people but no one realised he was still alive, that is really incredible."

Now the family is suing the clinic.
I guess for that family the term 'wake' will have nasty, nasty ironies attached to it for quite some time. Neither the doctor nor the funeral people noticed? It boggles the mind.

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