28 February 2007

WWJD? If he were a scary freakin' clown that is...

Sometimes it pays to neglect bloglines for a few days –things like this pop up and make my day: Christian clown (mime?) training videos!!!

Hysterical and deeply disturbing (my favorite combo). Just the thought that there are people out there bursting into nursing homes with baggy nylon jumpsuits and hand puppets -not to mention the 'touching' -*shudder*. The above is part one, here's a link to part 2 if you're interested in learning more about treating the elderly like children.


Pious Labours said...

Haha, I never heard of Christian clowns before.

Dr J said...

Deeply disturbing, especially the instruction, "If they need a touch, touch them...."

(But, of course, you can't hand them anything.)


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