17 February 2007

So There IS An Advantage To The New Blogger

Which is, that you can finally find what you’re looking for on this blog using the search bar at the top left. In the past, a search there would take you to a Google page of items, and, worse, that page would miss most of what actually was on this blog. Maddening didn’t begin to describe it. Now, however, you can type in a search term, say "Mark Strand," and have all the relevant entries displayed for you on one page. (I think they’re all the entries, anyway.) Neat, and damned handy, sez I. Feel free to bathe in the verby-verby-overlyadverby-verbiage.

Off to a small poker tournament tonight at one my locals. Let’s see if I can finally come in better than second.

Post-Script: Okay, apparently not all the relevant entries. It’s an improvement, though, and I don’t get to say that very often.

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