21 February 2007

Whatever you can muster

The wonder of Craigslist -I wonder how one might interview/audition for such a gig?

We are offering a free room for a woman who is willing to provide breast milk for consumption to the household. We are an otherwise vegan house but have recently read A.O. Wilson's study of the benefits of human breast milk to all human beings of any age. This is not sexual. Neither appearance nor sexual preference are of any concern to us.
We are willing to accept one child into the house as well. We do not want to take breast milk away from a nursing child however. We also don't need gallons of breast milk but whatever you can muster; it is a nutritional supplement for members of the house who want to partake.
The room is 10'x 15' in a sunny house in Berkeley. There are 7 other people in the house and we live largely communally - shared food and house supplies. You must still pay for food, only rent is free. Reply to this posting and we will set up a time. Contact Dana.



sylvia said...

Erm, someone should tell these people about milk banks ...

(And, also, about how rarely women whose children are not still nursing can "muster" any milk at all.)

Zane said...

Muster thought I might, I'm no help at all. But that's a pretty sweet - and hopefully not sour - deal, no?

In other news, Doc J., it's been sometime, I like to think that somewhere, out there, you and I are still wishing upon the same stars.

I've come accross an article/am writing a paper that finds me thinking about you, us, and Frye more than usual, which is even more unhealthy than usual.

It's been a long time. What's the best way to contact you these days? My email contacts are gone (i've gone Mac).

Zane said...

BLAST! I should definitely use the 'preview' option before posting my 'thought's so that my 'though's aren't misread as 'thought's. Pedantic, I know, but all for the sake of clarity.

Dr J said...

Hey Zane,

Easiest way to reach me is to email at vanthemanATNOSPAMgmail.com. Wd love to hear from ya. As wishing on the same stars, I dunno: I think I'm almost past wishing entirely.

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