19 February 2007

Keys To The Gates

All in all, this has to be good news, despite Mr Bill’s unfortunate track-record with virii.  It’s okay, though: they’ll update the vaccine every two weeks, and every time a patient stops responding, doctors will be able to send a report to let Microsoft know about the problem.


Michelle said...

I was wandering around the internet looking for a pronunciation guide to Old English or even better wav files of spoken Old English...somehow your blog came up as one of the links. I can't remember which particular entry it was, I do know it was in 2004 or 2006, but it sparked my interest and I've been reading your stuff all morning. I'm just so glad that I found your site. Keep it up!

Dr J said...

Thanks very much, Michelle! Nice to hear. Hope you'll keep dropping by!

Dr J

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