12 February 2007

A New Development; Mark Your Calendars!

Well, we’ve finally hit 50,000 visitors here at your humble establishment, but like a birthday, it’s one of those artificial milestones that serve only to emphasize one’s length in the teeth. So, in attempt to shake things up a bit, I have invited a Guest Blogger to jump into the fray. Call it a Johnny Carson maneuver, bringing in a guest so I can maybe relax a bit and not feel so horribly guilty if I don’t feel like posting. It’ll also afford a bit of a change of perspective. After almost four years of blogging here, some of you have to be getting bored with the monotony. (Frankly, I get sick of my own voice, too.) Hopefully this Spankin’ New Addition will improve things around here, and encourage some of you to stop skulking in the shadows. ;-)

So, everyone extend your warmest welcomes to our new guest blogger here at Dr J’s, Nic. Let’s hope she enjoys herself. *applause* I, for one, am looking forward to having a fresh voice around here. Welcome aboard, Nic!

And with that, I’m going to sit back and savour the thought of finally becoming Johnny Carson and doing as little work as I absolutely have to do. Who knows, maybe it’ll energize this old crank. Okay, not bloody likely, but one can hope, non? Now it’s time for me to take the rest of the day off. B)

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