24 February 2007

Ashes and Asses

How does one begin to describe this article? How about, "smug, prissy, self-important, vapid, illogical, pretentious, condescending, reactionary, and sniggeringly stupid?" Ah, better yet, let's just imagine what Churchill or FDR would have said in response to it.

SEMI-RELATED HIGH-HORSE UPDATE: Seems poor Danny Radcliffe just can't catch a break, can he?


Pious Labours said...

How old is the author? Six???
The tone and reasoning of it reminds me of something a second grader would write.

Dr J said...

You're kinder to it than I, RB. ;-)

sylvia said...

Alas, link was broken. What was it?

Am shaking head over Equus thing, though. The line between Real People and Fictional People grows ever thinner, it appears :P

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