23 February 2007

One Flu Over?

Sorry, folks, but the Not-So-Good Doctor has been out-of-commission for the past few days. I came down with a very nasty flu on Tuesday, and am only now beginning to recover. I’m still a chilly, creaky, achy mess, but at least I’m not as fevered, feeble and generally flattened as I was. And, damn, after three full days without it, it’s nice to have a cup of coffee again; those Neo-Citran knock-offs are positively noxious.

So, I prolly won’t be posting for a little bit, as I’m now about three days behind on my email. (Oy vey.) My apologies. Will try to catch up with all due dispatch. Cheers and best from the cuckoo’s nest.


sylvia said...

Sorry to hear that. 'Flu sucks.


Dr J said...

Thanks, Syl. Actually feeling much better today (Sat).

*Thanks Gawd he doesn't have a little one just about to discover all the neat virii and diseases on the schoolyard. ;-)

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