13 February 2007

Fox News

Because some issues effect affect all of us.

(Corrected accordingly thanks to the Sylvinator's chastening. Oh, the clumsiness of permanent intellectual addlement....)


Pious Labours said...

Article forgets to mention the fact that Britain is also Europe's fattest nation, and more fat equals...

sylvia said...

(affect, dude. tsk, tsk.)

I guess there's not much point in wondering why on earth anyone would set out to answer this particular research question (market research for selling Victoria's Secret, presumably).

In any case, I don't think any solid conclusions can be drawn without taking into account data on breastfeeding rates/duration, augmentation/reduction surgery rates, average BMI, etc. And nobody's going to be arsed to carry out that study.

sylvia said...

Sure, draw attention to my knee-jerk proofreading ... ;^)

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