02 February 2007

Contractually Obligatory Friday Entry, or Fakes, Flakes and F**ks

    Sorry, folks, not much of an update today; am asea in email and the like and hoping eventually to get it all done before my fingers snap at the knuckles.  But a few short notes:
  • It's comforting that for some people class still matters.  This guy's namesake, Francis the Talking Mule, didn't bray so shamelessly.
  • Seems that old whipper-snapper Harrison Ford has had to take a stand.  Call it the Devo-lution of the Specious.  Fakes, fakes, why do there always have to be fakes....
  • Two words this ex-English teacher never wanted to see pressed together:  Wiki NovelCan't wait for Stephen Colbert's The Unbearable Truthiness of Being.
  • Ladies and gents, herewith your Creepy Headline Of The Day.  One has to wonder how one "probes" snow, though; strikes me as a technical impossibility. 
  • One also has to wonder why our various political hacks leaders aren't making more hay out of this.  Except, maybe, that nobody wants to talk about foreign policy, much less matters of illegal detainment, since the Arar settlement. 
  • And finally, it seems this blog will soon reach 50,000 unique hits, which (I'm told) is only six thousand less than Paris Hilton's had.  Which sucks more, I'll leave you to decide, though I assure you the Not-So-Good Doctor was much better at 22, too.
All right, perhaps more anon.  Friday's here and I need a beer....

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nic said...

well, paris may be better in bed, but she's also contagious. Geez, that guy is revolting, I actually feel bad for those girls for the first time ever!

Well, maybe not kimberley stewart...

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