06 February 2007

Feared Science

Science? Science! We don’t need no stinkin’ science....

(This blog is shocked, SHOCKED, to discover there’s dissembling going on in that establishment!)

Actually, those numbers are appalling. Then again, these are the same intellectual paramecia that haven’t caught up with Darwin yet.

FOLLOW-UP, of a sort: Seems Republican self-delusion really is endemic these days. I guess you can’t be scared straight, but you can damned-well be shamed straight.

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sylvia said...

Well, appalled, but, sadly, not shocked.

I find it interesting, though of course it's totally irrelevant, that Democrats also seem to be much more aware than Republicans of the existence of sarcasm. One should of course always be wary of "selected" comments published with survey results -- the person selecting them has generally done so for a reason ...

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