22 November 2004

Practically Thermonuclear

      Gene Weingarten's column this week is about coming together-- not in that way, you filthy poyvoyts-- after the seething contest of vitriol that we generally call "the American Presidential Election." His introduction sets matters out quite clearly:

We enter this holiday season a traumatized, polarized nation. As an alleged polarizer -- a member of the so-called "liberal" media elite -- I want to help in the important process of binding our wounds. Remember, people, we are all of us brothers and sisters, whether you happen to be one of those people who voted for Kerry, or one of those ignorant, bucktoothed, lunatic, Bible-thumping bumpkins who voted for Bush.
Sadly, he forgot slack-jawed, chicken-chom.... No, I'll be kind. Even if the next four years are going to be like wearing a Harris tweed suit in August without any underwear beneath.

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