29 November 2004

Insert. Your. Own. Over. Punctuated. Sentence. Here.

      Paul Martin vis à vis William Shatner? I'll let Paul Wells explain.   On a side note: the Greatest Canadian debate last night was inredibly annoying, with only Paul Gross (Pearson), George Strombopolous (sp?; Douglas) and Rex Murphy (Trudeau) making any sort of worthwhile statements. Frankly, I wanted to stuff ostrich eggs into the gaping craws of Mary Walsh (Banting), Deborah Grey (Gretzky) and that unfathomably-annoying airhead whose name I do not know, and frankly prefer it that way, that platitudinously smirked through her case for David Suzuki. If there was any last minute momentum going into the voting, I suspect it's with Pearson, for whom Paul Gross' speech, flag and all, was certainly the high-point. The low point? The desperate whingeing of those still clinging to their hatred of Trudeau, to the point it seemed a rather mean-spirited pile-on, and which rightly earned the indignant smackdown from Trudeau's son Justin. (The son certainly possesses some of his father's rhetorical fire.) The "winner" will be announced tonight on the CBC at 8pm. It's down to three, I think: race leader Tommy Douglas, rising challenger Trudeau, and, thanks to Paul Gross, Pearson might still have a shot. But soon this whole ruckus will be over and we can set our eyes on a much less back-slapping spectacle-- the vote for the Worst Canadian. Paul Bernardo? Celine Dion? Stay tuned to find out.

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