24 November 2004

And Your Legs All White From The Winter

      Leonard's first new album since the somewhat disappointing Ten New Songs in 2001 is due out sometime in the next week or so. You can check out Amazon's information here. Rolling Stone's remarkably insipid review can be found here, and you can check out some other reviews from Pitchfork ("a gorgeous, quietly poignant rendering of autumnality"), Pop Matters ("at his age, the fire still obviously burns"), The Guardian ("his voice has almost vanished into a husking whisper"; see also this piece that should be subtitled "70 Things About Leonard Cohen"), All Music ("Cohen's most upbeat offering"), E! Online (which, in its typical cheese-ball fashion claims that, groan, "this is no way to say goodbye"), the Calgary Sun (in a 'verse' review, it posits that "the art of seduction becomes the art of anaesthesia"), and the Yale Daily News ("in its sound and content, "Dear Heather" marks the culmination of Cohen's music career"). Metacritic has an array of the reviews so far, though their numeric system leaves much to be desired, considering most of the critics aren't working in percentiles.

      It matters little to me, alas. I have to wait until after the holidays. That'll teach me to be such a hard person to buy gifts for. Natch.... ~~Take this longing from my tongue, / Whatever useless things these ears have done....~~

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