20 November 2004

Oh, Yeah, That's Why They Do It

      From today's NYT, an article that were it to appear linked on Fark would have an "unlikely" tag attached to it, comes this quote which should make all of us despair of what currently passes for contemporary American cultural thought:

Some are already taking aim at Mr. Stone's movie. "There will be people who see Alexander the Great's bisexuality as applauding that lifestyle, and unfortunately it will lead some young boys, young men down a path that I think they'll regret someday," said Bob Waliszewski, a film critic with Focus on the Family, a Christian group.
Lock up your boys! They might become so enamoured of Colin Farrell they'll suddenly decide they want, er, the bum's rush. Those of you that may have thought I over-reacted by describing the re-election of President Bush as a vote for tolerance and ignorance, I'd suggest you take a good, long hard look at this story, as dunderheads like Mr. Waliszewski that once would have seemed like lurching voices from the fringe now know themselves incredibly empowered. It makes this blog cringe.

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