22 June 2005

A Shiver Runs Through Him

      Yes, it's official; the academi world has just proven, beyond all doubt, its craven desperation for relevance.   Gawd help me:

Why Brad Pitt? As one of this generation's most popular actors, Pitt has explored many of the cultural tensions of our emerging postmodern era. Depicting masculine American whiteness in various states of crisis, his characters generally enact complex postmodern agencies; they are never wholly coherent, they are often self-destructive, and they generally rely on a certain amount of play -- between stability and instability, between life and death, between autonomy and alter-dependency, between control and abandon. Simultaneously reifying and challenging hegemonic codes of race, class, gender, and regional or national identity, his characters explore the complex and changing postmodern cultural landscape.
What's next, Lindsay Lohan and the recreation of angst?   Proof positive that gobbledygook can be used to make anything sound "academic."   Pffft.

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