15 June 2005

A Kind Of An Update

      Sorry that it has been a while (a week, in fact) since I bothered to write anything on this blog, and now-- to boot-- it seems, at least on this end of things, that since those last postings this blasted blog is now as misshapen as David Merrick.   I blame Leeloo.   Why?   Just cuz I do.   Harrumph.   I may have to revamp the template again, a pain-in-the-arse task if ever there is one.

      For reasons not quite within my ken, I'm still not much on writing.   The various computer-related frustrations of late, combined with a nasty heat streak in Southern Contraryo, seem to have taken the ambition out of me.   Certainly any sense of creativity has evaporated for a bit.   But the fact remains that I haven't been much into blogging, or writing at all, for the past while, something perhaps just best chalked up to ennui and an extant sense of the pointlessness of the process.   That, and I'm in the process of putting together applications for two recently-announced positions, and that tends to exacerbate that sense of futility tinged with boredom.   Tinged?   Positively laced.   Like Jim Jones' Kool Aid.   Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh.

      But there we are, or rather there I am.   Will post more when-- well, who knows when.   And please, please, no one write in the comments something to the effect of "Jer, what you need is a good woman."   If I had a dollar....  

      UPPITYDATE: It does seem that it was Leeloo's picture that was screwing things up, but I'll be damned if I can figure out why. Put on a percented weighting (i.e., of the screen size), it explodes the page; put on a hard limit (i.e., specific number of pixels), and things are fine. Go figure.

      EVEN-UPPITIERDATE: It seems Leeloo has risen to her own diabolical defence. Who me, indeed....

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