02 June 2005

A Kiss And A Cuddle

      They look like a happy couple, don't they?   (You may now release your collective awwwwws.)   You have to admire a hundred year-old woman who still likes her daily whisky.

      And, yes, this almost certainly the first and last time this blog will ever say, suggest, imply or otherwise evince a note of positiveness about marriage.   Even I, though, have to doff my hat to these two.   I don't think I could do eighty days anymore without wanting to tie a rope around a cinder block and hang myself with it.   I wonder what the appropriate gift for an 80th anniversary is, though.   Plutonium?  

      UPDATE:   Ah, another darling story of modern love.   This, as they say, would happen to me if I ever got roped into getting, er, well, you know, the M-word.

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