25 June 2005

A Query For My Readers (All Four Of You)

      In thinking about various changes I may or may not make to this blog, I'm debating whether or not to switch from Enetation's comment hosting to Blogger's.   There are some things I do very much prefer about Enetation, as frustrating as it can sometimes be: it does allow for smilies, and it's customizable, which is always a bonus for someone like me that would rather have things his own way rather than being stuck with someone else's.   That said, Enetation's irregularity has me wondering if I should make the switch.   And, beyond being a real pain in the arse to do so, it would also mean losing all of the comments that have accumulated since this blog began over two years ago.  

      So, here's my query for you: what do you think I should do?   Leave things (at least in terms of the comments) the way they are, or make the switch?   Let me know what you think.

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