22 June 2005

Run For The Border

      Well, tomorrow, the Not-So-Good Doctor is shuffling off to Buffalo for a day-trip to watch the Bisons play a few innings.   The trip is through one of my local haunts-- and the afternoon will no doubt be spent drinking obscene amounts of alcohol.   Who am I kidding?   So will the morning, as there will surely be enough alcohol on the bus to fell a rhinocerous.   I've been on one of these trips before, and all the drink and food will be, as they say, "comped." (Insert requisite quote from William Blake here.)   Ergo, tomorrow should be a good day, even if it's a good possibility I'll be coming back in a body-bag.   Food, drinks, and baseball, what more could one ask for?   Well, that, I guess, but that never comes free, and one always ends up paying too much for it....

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