03 June 2005

Grewal Intentions

      The gob-smacking ludicrousness that is Canuckistani politics of late has reached a newer depth (oh so Miltonically!) with the claim by independent analysts that the famous tape made by Tory MP Gurmant Grewal of attempted bribery seems to have been edited.   The Tories, feeling about like blind men in a ladies' change room, are now caught with only the lamest excuses; according to the CBC:

In a press release, the party said that certain brief passages of the audio tapes were accidentally omitted in the transfer to a CD format.
Leave it to the Tories to muck up a charge of corruption against the Liberals, which is rather being unable to prove that two plus two equals four.   Beyond the obvious moral and ethical problems here, both the Tories and the Liberals seem to engaged in a pissing contest to prove which party is the most inept.   It reminds me all to well that one of the problems of parliamentary democracy is that when there's no one at the top (or, as in our case, the one at the top is acting like his underlings), there's no one to pull the children apart.   A new duty for the Governor-General, perhaps?   This blog, for one, would looooooooooove to see Adrienne Clarkson take a switch to the behinds of both Mr Harper and Mr Martin.   On public television.   And then be sent to their rooms without dinner.   For a year.   Let 'em see how they like those apples.

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