28 June 2005

Come Shoot My Windows

      Well.    Well, not well.

      In installing a certain programme that currently Controls The World, I've not only spent the past several hours on the verge of ripping out my hair, but it seems too that I've lost all of my emails and email addresses.    As you can imagine, the Not-So-Good Doctor is not a particularly happy camper right now. So, those of you that would like back into my address book, for whatever reason, just send me an email so I can rebuild what I've lost, or at least as much of it as I can.    Most of you know my address, but if not, here's a clue: it is the Doctor's real last name+his first initial (as in "simpsonh") AT 3web.net.    I am being a bit circumspect about this merely because I don't want to get inundated with emails encouraging me to buy penis pumps and Nigerian stock options.    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep your penis pump jokes to yourselves, people....)    But thanks for your patience with all this.    Gawd knows, I think I've lost mine-- and not my penis-pump, or the jokes one should mercilessly make thereto.    Uggidy ugh ugh ugh.    I'm too old for this shit.

      Interesting bit of trivia: checking SiteMeter today, I noticed a curious referral, from someone looking through Google for "aftermaths of quitting smoking."    In a way, this is funnier than the oddball types that arrive here looking for "Whoopi Goldberg nude."    I'll let you surmise why.    Cheers.

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