22 July 2004

Rake's Progress, or The Rape Of The Doc

      Received this in an email from RK that I must admit I very much liked:
Thought of you when I saw Christina Ricci on a magazine cover. De gustibus, and all that.
Oddly enough, when I see Christina Ricci on a magazine cover, I think of me, too.

      Actually, this blog is tickled, er, pink that it should be associated with physically-impressive nymphets. (This blog thinks there has to be some sort of karmic goodwill to it.) So, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this association. Not a thing. Unlike posting this link, which is just so very, very wrong on so many levels, and will cause this blog to be ashamed of itself for almost a second. Do NOT click on the previous link if you are: (a) easily offended; (b) slightly (or more) prudish; (c) at work; or (d) trying to maintain some ridiculous illusion that the Not-So-Good Doctor would never, ever, ever put such a thing on his blog.

      RK, in another nudge in a kind of running discussion of matters of taste, suggested that I read (well, reread) John Donne's elegy "The Autumnall." It's a beautiful poem, but I guess the simple fact is that Donne's "The Dreame" (also known as "Picture" in one MS copy) probably more fitting for this silly, silly chap. In the former poem, though, Donne says, rather eloquently but in a manner now sure to enrage feminists:
Young Beauties force our love, and that's a Rape ;
This doth but counsel, yet you cannot scape.
Ah, 'tis true-- and the Not-At-All-Good Doctor isn't quite ready yet to be consenting.

      Yes, a dirty, rotten, shamelessly-lecherous mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      (Have I offended everyone now? Let me know if I haven't.)

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