24 July 2004

Diminished Capacity

      Just a brief note of apology to those wondering about the dearth of discussion this week.   The Not-So-Good Doctor has been preoccupied with matters far too silly (and, in many way, aggravting) to keep this blog up-to-date.   I assure you, sooner or later I'll get through all this silliness and return to the real silly stuff-- you know, like inappropriate candy-dishes, filthy limericks, and articles about exceptionally-painful injuries.   Until then, feel free to check out Christie's assortment of internet goodies, most of which are totally irrelevant to people like me using dial-up connections.   Or you can turn to the old stand-by for your news & information.   Cheers & best.

      Post-Script: This blog's always on the alert, however, for Truly Significant Breaking News. Why? Because knowing's half the battle.

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