25 July 2004

Night's Template

      As some of you may have noticed, procrastination this morning has led me to dicker with the template again, partially fixing some functions in other browsers (hello Mozilla and Firefox) while trying to keep things balanced with Internet Deplorer.   Those of you looking at this blog in a browser other than Explorer are seeing things a little askew, with some backgrounding being more pronounced than it's supposed to be.   At this point, I can't be bothered to do the grunt-work and figure out what the smurfing hell is going on.   Those of you seeing this in IE should be seeing what I intended, a much more foggy, slightly more ethereal look that comes from the current choice of banner quote and the image of Sir Alec in the right hand corner.   There are also a bunch other minor little changes, mostly to colours and fonts and such.   Hopefully it's a little easier to read.   Those of you using Mozilla and other such browsers should no longer be seeing the background image repeating over and over and over again.

      Whatever, he says, shrugging it all off.   Hopefully it looks at least a little better.   Yeah, I know, I know, making things (other than language) isn't exactly my strong suit.   But, as the impotent man said to his increasingly impatient wife, "Hey, at least I'm trying here...."   

      Post-Script:   Okay, I figured out how to make things work in Mozilla -- but it seems I can only get things to work properly in one form or another.   If I fix one format, the other screws up.   Oy.   Fact is, the Mozilla way is much more flexible and much less annoying.   Unfortunately, since most people that are reading this site are IE users, I guess I'm better off sticking with the rotten, awkward Microsoft way of doing things.   How imprisoning.   Those of you reading this in Mozilla will see the word "Post-Script" above highlighted; the rest won't.   That's because IE sucks and doesn't want to make my life nice and easy.   Either that, or I'm just a computer idiot.   Er, don't answer that.   We all know the answer already....

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