12 May 2005

"You Tried, Young, Hot, Obi-Wan. You Tried."

      Reading this article from MSNBC's Mary Beth Ellis, the Not-So-Good Doctor nearly sent coffee through his nose and all over his computer screen. Check it out, though I recommend doing so without imbibement. This blog's favourite bit: "The man has consistency, if not a thesaurus." How appropriate....

      (I swear, for the life of me, I'll never understand the swooning-fandom that ends up being lavished upon Kenobis and Aragorns and Legolases-- or would that be Legolae? Then again, considering I've been likened-- by a few people blind and too generous by half-- to both Ewan McGregor and Viggo Mortensen, I should probably just shut the fark up, shouldn't I? ·)

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