21 May 2005

Vengeance Is Mine, S(a)ith The Lord

      Shortly:   Saw Revenge of the Sith tonight, and will offer a more substantial assessment of it tomorrow (later today?) when I'm feeling less like a mouse that's been swatted about by a rambunctious cat.   Unfortunately, the comparative immediacy of that writing will delay the third edition of the HAT by a day or two more, providing any of you care.   The Force does not always have profound effects on the weak-minded.

      Marginal note: spent Thursday in a minor rack, trudging through a four-hour (plus) departmental grades meeting at Pork Spew, and doing so on no sleep.   (Don't ask.)   Argh.   Still haven't even picked up the new Van Morrison album, which is further proof that important things always happen at once-- and when I'm still waiting (grumble, grumble) to be paid by my concrete arsehole of an institution.   (Where the official credo is: We'll pay you when we're good and fucking ready.   Or, alternately, Bills, bills, yoou don't have no stinkin' bills!)

      By the way, as for that meeting, all that time just to read what was already on paper, and to change only one mark (slightly, and to this student's benefit).   Am reminded all too well of Jackie Gleason's notorious assertion that he was a drunkard and not an alcoholic, because, after all, drunkards don't like to go to meetings.

      More tomorrow.   Er, or later today.   Or, like my instimahtution, whenever I'm damned good and fucking ready.

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