03 May 2005

The Lion This Time

      Excellent: a new release from Van the Man is due out in a few weeks....    Those of you interested can check out some clips at the newly-established official Morrison website.   (What!?!?! Van is going digital? Oh how the world has changed....)


      I remember when my Van collection was in tact, instead of dispersed among friends, onetime friends, and onetime "involvements."   I really do have to learn not to share.   Grrr.   Argh.  

      On the flip side, my friend to whom I leant-- and then just gave-- Ray Charles' opus posthumous surprised me Saturday night with an unexpected treat, the new Springsteen album-- with DVD attachment-- Devils and Dust.   It certainly seems a step above from his last album, The Rising, but I need to give it a few more listens before I make any comments about it.   But the gift itself was quite a shock, though of course a pleasant one.   Ah, it's good to have fellow musketeers-- even if they have nasty tendencies to ply the Not-So-Good Doc with drinks....

      And before any of you say it-- I know, I know, I know....   Smart alecks.

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