11 May 2005

Martin, Shaken Not Stirred

      Oh, Canuckistani politics, so niggling, so odd, as a government is defeated but not, so long as it can forestall the inevitable. (Check out Paul Wells' latest column on the current state of Canpolitik in Macleans, which begins with the lovely assessment, "Probably it was too much to hope, as Canada's national political leaders left for a trip to commemorate the 60th anniversary of victory in the Netherlands, that the Dutch would simply keep them. No, that good country has already suffered enough." How true.)   Loathe as I am, though, to call upon polling data, the latest numbers from CTV/Grope and Flail are truly bizarre, with PM PM taking a major hit on his credibility, and even "we-think-we're-good-people-so-we-vote-Liberal" Ontario seeming to pull back from its pretensions of political niceness. Perhaps the most interesting factoid of all?   The numbers from Quebec, where the Liberals are leading the NDP-- the N. D. P., for Chrissake-- by a mere five points, the NDP being the only party that in its entire history has only ever won ONE seat there. And the Tories are below them.   These are interesting numbers, indeed, and one has to wonder about the wisdom of the Tories forcing an election, or the capacity for the Liberals even to fight one.   One begins to wonder, too, if, somewhere in the lands of Mordor, there's one ring to rule them all.

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