03 May 2005

What Is It With Kenobi In Bars?

      With Revenge of the Sith promising to disappoint in theatres in a few weeks, it seems everyone and his wookie is offering his, her and its opinions on the most memorable (or most infamous) moments in the series.   Here's one example, that at least has some analytical sensibility to it.   As for me, the best -- or most memorable moment-- shouldn't be too hard to predict: the knowing glance, the near-wink and the barest, pursed smile issued by Ben Kenobi (Alec Guinness), just before he allows Vader to strike him down.   It's a perfect, wry moment, and exactly not what you'd expect him to do.   **sigh**   Remember when Star Wars movies were things to get excited about?   Oh, so long ago....

      And in related news.... God help us all.

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