05 May 2005

Desperate House Knives, Part Deux

      Gee, can you tell we're headed for a non-confidence vote?   Seems to me the lot of these guys-- remembering that this contemnable display comes hot on the heels of some of the most insidious politicking since the days of Huey Long-- should have their lips stapled shut and be cast out of politics like Oedipus out of Thebes.   (An appropriate punishment for motherfuc--- well, you fill in the rest.) That we don't have this option is a frightful shame, especially with one of the few relatively respectable Members of Parliament that we have, Ed Broadbent, otherwise known as Canada's version of Ernest Borgnine, retiring from politics again, and so further misaligning the decent-guy-to-mofo ratio in the House.   But ain't that always the way-- the ones that ought to go just damn well won't, and the ones that ought to stay damn well can't.   No wonder the people are cynical.

      And, given the current political climate, this blog almost haws to note the laughability of one of our politicians being named "Inky Mark," lest this blog be accused of being racist.   I wonder what the ghost of Mike Pearson is thinking right now.

      UPDATE: It all just gets ridiculouser and ridiculouser.... Key quote, from my slimeball of an MP: "This is merely an instruction to a committee." Ah, it almost makes one long for Sheila Copps. Almost.

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