29 May 2005

It's Alive, It's Alive!!!!!!

      Well, it seems the prodigal Doc is back, after a week's worth of meatball surgery on his computers, all of it devoted to trying to cannibalize one working computer from the parts of three.   One, finally, is now alive, he says resisting the temptation to do an impression of Colin Clive.   Now the question remains, whether or not I can manage to get a second computer out of the remaining bits to spring monstrously to life.   We shall see.   It's probably a damned good thing that the warranties on all of the machines have long-since expired, else they'd have been rendered invalid by the various tinkerings I've been having to do, tinkerings, by the way, that have necessitated reinstalling just about everything including the ever-exasperating Windows.   But, mercifully, I now have internet access again, and so I should be able to get caught up on the backlog of emails, and maybe even update this poor, neglected blog.   Maybe.

      (Note to self:   Just because you can open up a computer and play with its naughty bits does not mean you should, you bloody dunderhead.   Next time, save yourself the frustration and just let some technogeek do it.)

      So, Dr J, what's on the docket to get done for this blog?   Hmmm.   Beyond the normal trivialities and explanations, there's the long-delayed third edition of the Heaven Admissions Test, a now-anachronistic discussion of The Revenge of the Sith, an entry on the newest Van Morrison album Magic Time, and some loose notes and oddities that have been gathering like scurf on an old man's lapel.   Too much to do, too little energy to get it done.   Call me Dr Frankenstein with a deadline.   Argh.

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