23 May 2005

Wish I Were Here

Well, everyone, it looks like the Good Doctor is for the next little bit fucked. Today, my only fully-functional computer went kerblooey, so access to all things cyber (email, this blog, the Net) will be severely limited, and most of the time non-existent. I have no idea how long will take to get everything working again, so I have to ask for everyone's patience for a while, particularly if you're sending emails and awaiting some sort of response. Even to write this, I'm having to use my aunt's computer, at whose whom I am now for a birthday party for my two little cousins. So, who knows when things will return to normal, so please bear with me. Grrr, arrrgh, and sigh. I never remember my old typewriters deciding to crash on me.... Simpler days, simpler days....

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