31 May 2005

Non Confidence

      Unsurprising, to me at least, the best writing I've read on the French rejection of the EU Constitution comes from my old friend RK, whose blog entry on the subject is better than most articles from the punditocracy would be.   Essential reading, as it were.

      And, on the subject of constitutions, I am so glad, as a citizen of Canuckistan, that for once Canada is not niggling over its own constitutional matters.   In Canada, the c-word isn't "cunt," or even "cocksucker."   It's "constitution."   Most of us in these climes would rather have broken beer bottles inserted into our recta than dredge such matters back into civil discourse.   Canada, a country that touches its constitution with the same regularity, guilt, and trepidation of a four year-old discovering his equipment's working, tends very nastily to keep reaching for itself, even when it should know better.   The four year-old at least has an excuse.

      BTW, for those of you that had not heard, there's a new PM in France as a result of the Non vote.   You see, here, in Canada, when the government loses a vote-- or even a series of them-- it remains in power, and no one faces the guillotine, despite the whinges and whines of Andy Coyne and the National American Post. This blog is shocked-- shocked-- to discover there's no such thing as accountability in this establishment.

      And where, oh where, is Claude Rains when we need him?   Sorry, being dead is no exucse.

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