07 August 2004

The Legend of Bagger's Pants

      Ah, but will he put his money where his mouth is? Or his money-shot?

      Surely he's being facetious and/or hypothetical, but actually, I say he should do it, or something like it, and I mean acting and not just conveniently producing or directing.   Why?   After the well-reported Colin Farrell fiasco and the general Hollywood timidity with stars and actual sexuality (i.e., films that are about more than casual butt-shots and boob-flashes), it will take a few stars-- genuine ones with both popularity and credibility-- to break through some of the major barriers to begin even to get Hollywood near the more civilized European mentality towards sex in film.   After all, it took Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman, by no means huge stars then, to make a stab at the X-rating with Midnight Cowboy, and it took Marlon Brando's raw but highly-affected performance in Last Tango In Paris to take it to a place Hollywood proper has been loathe to go since.   At least in theory, I agree with Damon, that there's no strict reason that such films have to be where they are-- but to make any sort of substantial changes (indeed, any that don't insist on having Bernardo Bertolucci as director) will require some bold, er, strokes, from the dramatic community.   The women generally have been more willing to press such matters-- and here I think of brave performances like Julianne Moore's in Boogie Nights, but there are several others-- while they cower, or else, er, end up doing stuff like Oz and Queer as Folk.   Hollywood's still the moon's distance away from making an intelligent porn film, but before it'll be able to do that it'll have to be able to do films like Bertolucci's The Dreamers or 1900, or Catherine Breillat's Romance X.   But to get Hollywood moving toward making more truly adult (rather than adolescent) films, some stars with some "cred" will have to be willing to take some damned big chances, and it'll have to come from the, er, up-and-comers, and not merely those, like Robert DeNiro in 1900 or Brando in Last Tango, for whom every cinematic gesture is always-already a statement of dramatic bravado.   So, go ahead, Matt, do it, or dare to push the envelope.   Go ahead, I darez ya.   Lead the pack.   Put the wood into Hollywood.   Show you've got as much balls as Julianne Moore.  

      Yeah, it'll never happen.   *smirk*  

      And in related news.... Who knew such a pretty young thing could look like Chrissie Hynde on her period?

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