06 March 2007

Say You Will

In case you needed it, here's proof positive that fey white boys should never goof around with a classic. Check out the originals here, from 1959, lip-synching the first half of the song.

Reminds me of goofier times at a now-defunct pub when I (yes, I, believe it or not) wound up teaching all the young kids how to dance to that song. Or, rather, giving everyone their cues like the mad conductor of a motley , clueless choir. (Six, half-dozen or the other.) Now, any of you daring to imagine that scenario will probably want to gouge out your eyes like Oedipus Potato after discovering where you got your ato from.


j said...

It's visible! (think "
it's alive!")and you'll have an idea what a surprise it is to finally get to see your posts !

aww, can't be that bad - compared to the fact that I actually watched Mona Lisa's smile last nite- the julia robert's /kirsten dunst movie - the femmie cause never looked so bad or weak. oh well, it was one of the few movies here that haven't been dubbed over, you have no idea how scary it is to watch foreginers speak perfect chinese think bruce willis speak perfect chinese as he guns down chinese speaking european terrorists- shudder.

the only good news that appeared recently was the revival(?) of equus in england - with a pretty much bucknaked harry potter - however pervy that sounds it no where approximates the bad jokes a friend used to tell that had something to do with necro and equine...

ok, gotta go before you puke, see ya around!

Dr J said...

Something to do with beating a dead horse? I feel sorry for Danny Radcliffe: he takes on a tough role, and all people can do is go on about his character smoking, and whether or not the lad's filter-tipped. Oy.

As for Mona Lisa Smile, you couldn't make me sit through that with a whip and a branding iron.

Nice to hear from you again, j. Hope all's well in China!

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