12 March 2007

Deal of the week

For sale now on ebay -the one and only Ted Haggard massage table! You could be the proud owner of a piece of Evangelical history and reach that higher plane just as Ted did. The top bid as of tonight is $1,250 US but there are still 5 days left.


Dr J said...

I really, really, really hope those little white spots on the table are just from the padding....


Now excuse me while I go wash my mind out with bleach, turpentine and whatever the hell else will help get that thought of my head. Oh, I know: Vodka. Lots & lots of vodka.

nic said...

I said nothing about the white spots because I wanted to be able to sleep last night.
ewwwww, 'the juice of haggard'... now I need to go wash my mind out :)

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