29 March 2007

Boelyn For Dollars

Call it Parr for the coarse? (And somewhere, RK is shaking his head in magnificent despair.)


RK said...

No, no, no. 'Magnificent' goes with 'head', not with 'despair'.

As for Harry and the Tudors, Howard we going to get out of this? I can just see it: Henry Cleves to the Flanders mère, Cranmer gets this burning desire to be revolting and says to Ridley "Oh, just Latimer, he'll see the error of his ways soon enough", Wolsey makes a cardinal point but loses his head, and More is Less. Clearly, it's made up out of whole Cloth of Gold. Ugh.

Dr J said...

Howard we going to get out of this?

Wyatt's simple. (He says, Aragontly.) Anne Boelyn lets Henry Seymour than he should, Puttenham in a difficult position. But when she Spenser time with him-- and much worse-- starts Buckingham outright (he wants another Kyd, after all), the Pope Fraunce upon him, and threatens excommunication. Hank tells the Pope to go Norfolk himself, after which he uh-Pembroke with the Church for good. "Udall better support me," he Askes his people, who eventually Raleigh behind him.

But nobody knows that the Bess is yet to come...

// all that way, I managed to resist a "Heywood jablomey" joke. Until now. ;-)

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