29 March 2007

Gettin' Icky With It, Part Deux; or Ooze Lines Are They Anyway?

This blog can't wait for the sequels. Arse Poetica, perhaps? Pus in Boots? And this blog won't even consider the panoply of pubescent possibilities...

More-than-slightly discomforting key quote: "There is education there, but it is not rammed down their throats." Ahem...


Pious Labours said...

Arse Poetica, haha.
Bravo J! That has to be my favourite pun of yours.

Dr J said...

And yet I left Gargantua and Pantydrool alone.... :-(

RK said...

Dribble it like Beckham!

Spew in your own juice!

'ichor' is a word I remember horror writers loving, when describing the bronze-green ooze that wells out of the open sores of nameless nemeses.

And remember, in French, ski wax is called "fart".

(When I were a nipper, enlightened parents used to teach their kids a delightful little song with the refrain "Pee po belly bum drawers!" -- just so that they could get it over with. Stephen K*ng never did.)

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