09 March 2007

Absolutely Fabulous

Best line yet from a review of 300, from The Toronto Star: "If there's not a 300 float in this year's Pride parade, then someone deserves a Spartan spanking."

UPDATE: As I might have expected, the most vapid review comes from Slate's Dana Stevens; it's predictably pretentious, sneering and self-amused, yet another smug and shrill offering from film criticism's Maureen Dowd.


nic said...

They should definitely use that title for the float 'A Spartan Spanking' -how cheeky!

All my optimism for this movie is pretty much gone.

sylvia said...

DH saw it a couple weeks ago. He said the special effects were nifty, but the narrative and characters failed to involve him.

I'm liking the soundtrack, though.

Vixen said...

Went to see the movie today. Good for its blood, guts, glory and overtly tanned and toned characters. Funniest thing of the night: some high school students claiming that "it wasn't historically accurate." LOL go figure..

Dr J said...

Encouraging, Vixen, that some high school students might still be studying the Battle of Thermopylae. Call it a small reason for hope.

Interesting, I think, that so far all of the commenters here on this testosterone overdose are female. ;-)

sylvia said...

This would probably be an apposite moment to reveal that when DH first mentioned this movie to me, I immediately inquired, "The Spartans ... hmm, are those the ones who went into battle all naked?"

::ducks and runs away::

Dr J said...

Why, Sylvia, you kinky thing you.... LOL

sylvia said...

Oh, come on, you're surprised? ;^)

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